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Iran is an ancient country with a history of civilization and artistic creation of over 3000 years. Cyrus (the king of Iran) wrote the first charter of the human rights some 2500 years ago. Since then Iran has been the land of peace, friendship, art and culture. It is a big country with a diverse climate. From the mountains blanketed with snow to the beautiful deserts and from the blue seas to broad pastures and green forests, it's all full of ancient works and Iranian civilization. Iran is a land of hospitality and warmness, with a rich, glorious and grand cultural heritage.

The country covers 1,600,000 square kilometers. It borders the beautiful Caspian Sea from the north and the warm Persian Gulf from the south. Iran today is both modern and ancient. It is the most populous and the second-largest country in the Middle East.

Iran has something to offer to everyone. From culture lovers to the adventurous. There are many sightseeing choices to choose from; mountain climbing, skiing, shopping at many magnificent shops and bazaars, great resturants, splendid parks, and of course historical and archaeological places of interest with over 5,000 years of history. Tehran, the capital of Iran, with a population of over 10 million rests by the side of the Alborz mountains and the lofty snow-covered mount Damavand.

The cities included in the list of the world cultural heritage and civilization are Isfahan, the former capital of Iran and the legendary city of architecture and Shiraz, also a former Iranian capital, with its historical and magnificent Persepolis and the birthplace of the greatest Iranian poets, Hafez and Sa'di.

Iran is a very safe country to travel in regardless of your race, religion, or gender. The crime rate in Iran is low.


Tehran, the capital of the Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the largest metropolitans of the world, and it is the country's largest economic center and the base for its large and small modern technological and industrial establishments. Located on the slopes of the mountains and at the foot of the magnificent Mount Damavand, it has been the country's capital city for over 200 years now. Nearly 10 Million people live in Tehran in contrast to two hundred thousand in 1920.

Tehran is pleasant, it derives its originality from its dry climate, always cool in the evening, the nearness of the mountains, its numerous parks and gardens where flowers blossom throughout the year, the alleys of trees in the avenues or even smaller streets, the water which runs down from the upper city along deep and wide gutters which look like small rivers during spring.

Despite spectacular development, Tehran has preserved its old charm and magic. It is a city where the pleasing harmony of different architectural styles and superb structures, combined with legendary hospitality blend into an unforgettable experience for visitors.

Tehran is the biggest and most important educational center of Iran. Today There are nearly 50 major colleges and universities in total in Greater Tehran.

Since the establishment of Darolfonoon in the mid 1800s, Tehran has amassed a large number of institutions of higher education. Tehran is also a city of parks and possesses more than 800 well-kept parks.Tehran is a cosmopolitan city, with great museums, parks, restaurants, warm friendly people.

MILAD TOWER : The Fourth high world 's tower is located in Tehran

Tehran's climate has four seasons. The city is located at 35°40N - 51025E For more information

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